Make a million a year as a farmer?

(This post was prompted by a video that came across my feed. I am sharing the screenshot only.)

Looking at the land in the background … If I have to do this to the land in order to make a million, I will pass on the million.

Actually I will pass on the million, period. I would rather make sure that everyone has enough (including my local farmers who are just trying to stay afloat), than myself become yet another millionaire who doesn’t need to exist.

Update: In a Florida farming group where I also posted this, and asked the video author if this was his farm, he responded that this was the shot from the plane; one of the members of a moringa-growing collective flew him out to see his farm in Sacramento.

Which in itself opens up many other avenues of thought & discussion …

Not the least of which (looking through my occupational lens as an activist and educator promoting low-footprint living and permaculture-informed lifestyle design) is that the sustainability community really needs to start embracing teleconferencing more, and jetsetting less.