Shuttle for BCU Homecoming game day

Park & Ride shuttle = smart transportation solution for game day!

On Bethune-Cookman University’s Homecoming game day Oct 14, BCU partnered with Daytona International Speedway to provide free park & ride shuttle service to Daytona Stadium.

This was arranged because the stadium parking was expected to sell out (and did).

But it was also great for anyone who wanted to attend the game but doesn’t have a car! That stadium is not accessible by bicycle, public transport, or foot.

(Well, you could walk or bicycle, but trust me, you wouldn’t want to, as there are no sidewalks or even a shoulder on the road. I did try to bicycle the length of LPGA once, and ended up pushing my bike along the roadside for a couple of miles while cars going 70mph roared by.)

Hooray for the park & ride!! I hope they will keep doing it in future years.

(And, for the long term, I will keep pushing for a shoulder and sidewalk to be added all along LPGA. Those basic essential transportation upgrades should take priority over any addition of more car lanes.)

Thank you to The Daytona Times for this article about the park & ride.