Ready to share eco tips & resources with Biketoberfest visitors

Good morning! My solar oven is now once again pointed at the sun. (I just now turned it around to optimize the morning rays, as I was using it in afternoon-oriented mode yesterday to heat some water to clean a greasy pan. Heated the water right in that same greasy pan, easy peasy!)

A friendly couple from California passed by yesterday and commented on the oven and the landscaping. We had a nice chat.

I may bake some soda bread later. The tourists are in town for Biketoberfest and I like to maximize the fun / educational function of my house on its corner lot. We get a lot of foot traffic here.

When I was a kid, I vaguely remember seeing or reading about some transparent mini house that was set up on a very busy street corner like in NYC or something.

The idea was that the occupants going about their everyday lives would be observed by passersby. I kind of feel that way about my house — although obviously my house doesn’t have transparent walls. The “transparent” part is all along the sidewalk, and if I’m outside doing stuff I’m sort of like a human ant in an Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm (ha ha, remember those?)!

Behind the scenes, my little 1950 block house provides a cozy refuge for three people (or however many people are here at any given moment).

Outside, along the sidewalk, it’s a low-footprint-living demonstration site on a busy street corner, casually showing ideas for cool fun practical thrifty green living.

Want to see pics? Go here!

And here you can see pics of my publicly viewable outdoor food prep area. I am tucked away on my front porch, yet in view of passersby.