My eco landscaping presentation at 1 Million Cups

Today’s presentation was what’s known in 1MC terminology as a “Refill” – an update presentation. Here’s the link to my talk today, Wednesday September 6, 2023; I gave a nutshell 6-minute presentation and then opened up the room to Q&A which was very useful and lively.

My original talk was December 14, 2022. I will try to dig up the link for you. OK, found it — here you go!

1 Million Cups entrepreneurial networking is such a wonderful program. If you haven’t already checked, I highly recommend finding the nearest one to you and starting to attend.

From 1 Million Cups Daytona Beach: “1 million cups (1MC) is a program founded by the Kauffman Foundation to educate, engage, and connect local entrepreneurs to share their business with a supportive ecosystem of peers, mentors, and potential investors. Held weekly in over 180 cities across the United States, the stories shared is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Supported by CareerSource Flagler Volusia and Cinematique Theater”