Loosening the stranglehold of bottled water

Bottled water — it’s everywhere. It’s actually work sometimes to avoid the stuff, as people are constantly offering it and hardly anyone questions the huge volume of plastic trash.

Some people might wonder why I am so hard-core about refusing bottled water. If you ever see me drinking a bottle of plastic water, it probably means I’m having a medical emergency, or am severely dehydrated and there is no drinking fountain or faucet nearby.

Part of it is because I’m thrifty. Why should I pay for water in a bottle? Also the stuff is heavy to carry home from the store, and meanwhile there’s faucet water in my house that I already pay for.

But another part of that is that I just grew up not having all this plastic junk, and have never gotten used to it, and never want to get used to it.

Anyway! My own personal bias aside … Here’s a great video which might be helpful to people who are concerned about the environmental impact of bottled water:

The Story of Bottled Water, by Annie Leonard. Ms Leonard is author/narrator of the Story of Stuff video, and that whole “Story of” series of videos — which you can find on her YouTube channel.

In closing, a quote from Ms. Leonard: “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw something away, it must go somewhere.”