Insulting people for loving trees is weird; + strategic watering challenge

It’s funny how some people like to say “tree-hugger” as an insult, as if people who care about trees have some bizarre sentimental affliction.

And people love to put down environmentalists as being sappy or stupid. They point out to us that the planet has survived everything so far.

Has it never occurred to these people that environmentalists are not sentimental, not “trying to save the planet” — but rather, we actually cherish being able to LIVE on the planet.

Duh, of COURSE earth can survive without humans! But some of us love living here. And we won’t be able to live here if we insist on killing the BIOSPHERE that is our life-support system!

Speaking of trees, my friend Chris Searles issued a tree-watering challenge. Strategic watering, he calls it. Chris is founder/director of the ecological nonprofit org Biointegrity.

Chris is based in Austin TX USA but explains this will work anywhere there are deciduous trees, and heat. With Austin in extended heat and drought, Chris challenged people “to water the biggest deciduous tree or trees you can this weekend.” (He explains how and why in this video “BioIntegrity’s Cool Austin Challenge.“)

A few days later, Chris reported “We got rain in Central TX on Tuesday! This was not in the forecast for Austin.”

Chris asserts that he has “been able to make rain” with strategic watering.

Hmmm, that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But check out Chris’s video “The Biotic Pump: How Forests Create Rain.” And try it yourself!

I have done “rain experiments” myself on many occasions, and it might be wishful thinking but I swear it works …