Cry me a blue-red river

(The following comment applies only to a subset of the population. People who think the blue states are terrible and communist, but they spent their entire working life in those blue states earning big bucks, and then move down here like carpetbaggers to take advantage of the low taxes, etc. Of course not everyone who moves to Florida is like this. And I did not mean to imply such.)

Prompted by comments I’ve seen over the years from right-wing retirees on Nextdoor who just love the boot of an authoritarian regime, and are so glad they moved away from their terrible communist blue states to Florida, because Florida is such a “fReE sTaTe of LaW aNd oRdER”:

I just love how some people manage to endure an entire lifetime of working in blue states. Yes, they manage to endure an entire lifetime of those $40 and $50 an hour union jobs. How hard that must’ve been to endure the labor protections, access to health insurance, etc., in those blue states.

And now they get to come retire to maximize the stretch of their dollars in a nice red-meat, low-tax state. Very very interesting, the level of self-serving that I see in many of my fellow white Boomers who came from “Blue” states to live a cushy old age here in this anti-labor, racist govt regime of authoritarian overreach.