Militarism, flying, and the environment

The people who brought up the environmental footprint of fighter jets, other military aircraft, and militarism in general make a very important point. (This was on a thread in the Deep Adaptation group, about the high footprint of flying.) Militarism is a huge environmental detriment. Not to mention of course the unacceptable human cost. And my country, the USA, is the leading instigator of militarism.

On that note, I am looking forward to attending the Veterans for Peace Convention later this month. Aug 25-27. It is the USA national convention.

Here’s the link to see the schedule, read the FAQ, and register: BTW there is even going to be a poetry soirĂ©e on the Friday evening!

Major kudos to the VFP for having its conference be a VIRTUAL event. All conference organizers, particularly organizers of climate conferences <forehead-slapping emoticon>, should take note.

Thank you VFP for fully recognizing the cost of flying (and all the other stuff that goes with in-person conferences) to people and the environment.

Thanks for walking your talk!

#peace #environment #veteransforpeace