Example of motivating fellow citizens to attend local civic meetings

(Shared with my neighborhood watch group today. Posting this here in case it’s useful for anyone else.)

Beachside Redevelopment Board meeting tonight!

Hey Neighbors!

Beachside Redevelopment Board meeting 6pm tonight! At City Hall, in the City Commission Chambers. (Upstairs. BTW there is a very nice water fountain water bottle refill station downstairs by the restrooms. Fill your bottle or cup with nice chilled water and come on up.)

(BRB always meets at 6pm on the second Wednesday of the month unless it is canceled.)

Tonight among other things on the agenda it looks like we will be getting a report and Q&A with our wonderful City Manager, Mr. Deric Feacher!

BTW, several of us go to this and other local government meetings routinely. It’s a great way to have input and to meet like-minded community members who are working to make a positive difference.  Plus, for some of us it’s a big part of our social life ha ha. 

Politically, I am a flaming anarchist. If I can endure government-type meetings, so can you. <laugh emoji x 2> Also, sometimes some of us go out for drinks and food afterwards. <happy smile emoji>

Attending this & other board meetings (as well as the city commission meetings, developer-initiated meetings etc.) whenever we can is a great way to not have undesirable development sneak up on us. But it’s also a great way to start really expressing what we WANT, as opposed to just what we don’t want.

I tend to talk a lot about walkability, having basic services in close distance of our homes. Our historic core neighborhoods used to be walkable/bikeable, not so car-dependent, and can be again. 

And I talk a lot about the need for the City to practice beach-friendly landscaping: respecting our natural dune environment; protecting what is left of the oaks and other tree canopy remaining on our little island.

All citizens get a chance to comment at the board meetings, and you can comment on whatever you care about regarding the beachside. 

Creating a beautiful livable beachside that serves the needs of residents of all ages and needs, while being welcoming to our many visitors, is a big task but it is doable. If you are like me, you want to be able to grow old here. The price of us having a truly livable place is being willing to give proactive feedback, rather than us just reacting when threatened with something we don’t like.

Hope to see lots of you there tonight! 


Beachside redevelopment board meeting
6pm 2nd Wed of the month unless canceled.

Location City Commission chambers, City Hall, 301 S. Ridgewood. Intersection of Orange Avenue & Ridgewood.