Define “fun”

How weird and bizarre. Facebook just sent me a notification that my request to participate in a group called “Fun Ladies of Volusia County” had been denied. The reason given was that I do not meet the qualifications or standards of the group.

Now, the truth is I DON’T meet the qualifications/standards of the group. That part of being denied wasn’t weird. Because, by the mainstream “fun lady” standards of western industrial capitalist society, I am most definitely NOT fun. <laughing w tears icon>

Unless your definition of “fun” is someone who is always going on about permaculture design principles, native plants, heat mitigation, stormwater harvesting, steady-state economics, anarchist philosophy, and urban redevelopment issues.

And ranting on about how deeply she despises leafblowers, and loves eating in restaurants. And pondering the attributes of the perfect martini or Negroni cocktail. (Which she prefers to drink in a restaurant or bar alone, with a book or writing notebook in hand.)

So yeah, not a FUN lady in the conventional sense. So that part of me being denied admittance wasn’t weird. The thing that was weird is that I never requested to join a group by that name in the first place.
<emoticons: puzzled; The Scream; alien face>

Oh my gosh, I would NEVER. That would be so rude!

Just like I would never presume to try to intrude upon a group called Taekwondo Enthusiasts. Or Arctic Sailors, or Surveillance Camera Technicians for Increased Surveillance. Or the Ice Cream Abolitionists’ League. 

It could be that I hit a button by mistake or something. That does happen. Anyway: As you were, Fun Ladies of Volusia County! Your group is totally safe from me. Get on with your pursuit of good, normal, wholesome, ladylike fun. <wink>

(NOTE, since some of you have privately expressed reactions I did not expect: This is a humorous post, warranting full-on laugh react. I do not actually think that any live humans intentionally rejected me. That’s not what this post is about. It’s about laughing with joy about freely being a nerd who has non-mainstream-feminine ideas of “fun.” And, it’s about pondering the foibles of technology.)