Transporting insects & spiders from indoors to outdoors

FB friend posted:

“Giant spider trapped in a bowl in my living room, what to do? We’re ***ing terrified”

I responded:

I usually use one of those sturdy glossy junk-mail postcards, slide it under the bowl or jar. (And if necessary, then slide another sturdy piece of something like cardboard under that as reinforcement.)

Thereby it is easy to safely transport Ms. Eight-Leggy back to her outdoor home, where she will find the food and other things she needs, and you can have your livingroom back.

(Other people made similar comments. It was really nice to see people supporting the safe removal of the spider, as opposed to killing. Several people pointed out that it was probably a wolf spider or a huntsman, both of whom are not harmful to humans. And furthermore are avid predators of insects who love LIVE to bite humans.)

I use my transport method to rehome other species as well, such as our giant palmetto bugs. (They are utterly harmless but that doesn’t mean I want them crawling on me while I’m sleeping.)