Quirky advice #1313: park your thoughts out in the world

If you are having trouble expressing your feelings, news, opinions, etc. on important matters to the people closest to you: Park your thoughts somewhere out in the world.

Could be a book, could be a blog, could be scribble on a bathroom wall, could be a confidence to a longtime friend who gets you or a stranger in the bus station who mysteriously gets you too, could be a work of fiction double-wrapped in an inscrutable pseudonym. Could even be an ephemeral spoken-word poem that doesn’t even exist on paper, And is transmitted on only one occasion, late at night, in an obscure bar, to an audience of one or two who are mostly preoccupied with their own readings. Doesn’t matter: It will eventually reach the people you need to reach, and possibly will help many others in the meantime.

Park your thoughts out in the world. Store them diffusely for safekeeping. The people you want to tell them to will hear them eventually. Maybe on this side of the veil, maybe otherwise, but they will.