To my fellow DIYers: Sometimes store-bought new can be the ideal option

As an avid DIYer and extremely thrifty human, I will try to make just about anything I need out of old stuff I have lying around the house and garage. After all, there is an awful lot of landfill-diverted fabric and plastic and whatnot just sitting around waiting to be “chosen”: pressed into service to be cleverly fashioned into adorable and convenient everyday items for house and garden.

So, in conjunction with my placement of the solar oven in a new, more all-day sunny, and much more public area of the yard, where it’ll fulfill a greater educational function, I decided that I would like a weather-resistant cover for it instead of hauling it in and out of the garage all the time.

My first thought, of course, was to hand-sew a cover out of old fabric. But I really want a polished and deliberate appearance, the same as one might have with a cover for a nice barbecue grill out in the front yard.

So I did something really wild (for me, haha) just now: I ordered an official SunOven cover for my solar oven. That way even with the cover on, it has the logo displayed and will pique people’s interest.

For people preferring a used option, it’s possible that Amazon would be offering used covers. They are offering new ones. However, I prefer to support the Global SunOven company directly, as they are doing great work in the world.

To learn more about the Global SunOven, its various accessories, and the company that makes them, and the educational work and community aid they do, visit their website

Solar ovens have suffered from being marginalized as some sort of Girl Scout party trick or hippie thing that everybody remembers from their childhood back in the 70s or whatever. Making melted-cheese sandwiches using a cardboard box with foil etc. Nothing wrong with that nostalgic memory! If only it were leading people to use the ovens as a real cooking option. But it does not seem to be.

So, I am really looking forward to getting my official Global SunOven cover for my wonderful solar oven.

Fellow diehard DIYers: Are there some situations where you have chosen a new, store-bought option rather than DIY? Let us hear about it!

PS. Another recent situation where I opted for store-bought was last year, when I needed undershirts and underwear bottoms. I like ones that are are a very lightweight, stretchy, highly breathable synthetic fabric. They are a bit beyond my sewing skills, in both fit and fabric. I make them last a long time, as they are my “Sunday best” so to speak. I do have DIY handmade undershirts and bloomers as well, which are fine for everyday wear. My favorite shop for underwear is Duluth Trading Company. I like Patagonia as well.