Leafblowers as outdoor blow-dryers?

Judging by the way that leafblower noise so often starts up immediately after a rainstorm, I’m starting to wonder if people are using leafblowers to blow-dry the great outdoors.

I know it sounds crazy, but literally no sooner does the last drop of rain fall than those obnoxious decibel hell-spewers are unleashed in all their droning fury, so it really seems like this might be a thing.

Is this in fact a thing??? And if so, how might we distract people so they stop thinking they need to blow-dry the grass or the street or whatever? Do we need to feed them snacks that will induce extreme lethargy or something?

This brings to mind a comment I read the other day, from an indigenous person. They said something along the lines of, “Don’t white people ever just stop? Like, when there’s an eclipse or something, we go inside and we stop. Do white people ever just stop?”