Conspicuous consumption is winning

Yes, it does seem to be at times. When even people who identify as environmentalists are jetsetting all over the planet, living in big airconditioned houses, heavily invested in the Wall Street growth paradigm, etc.

But: We still have the power to help denormalize and de-legitimize excessive consumption. We can help reset the norms of what’s considered normal and acceptable.

For example we can casually delegitimize air travel, automobile-dependent city planning, monster-sized houses, single-use plastics, etc., via our everyday conversations (in person and online).

Whatever you are comfortable with, just sprinkle it into casual conversation: “I prefer not having the responsibilities of car ownership” “So how do you offset your flights?” “I don’t want to incur that plastic” “Gosh that house is huge, I would hate to have their electric bill” (and same thing for a yard with no trees: “I would hate to have the utility bill for that place”)