“TikTok is a scary place, rabbit-hole etc.”

Well sure it is if we seek out the biggest throwback, hatebag wackadoodles we can find, and follow them down the rabbit-hole! Don’t do this.

We know there are whole groups of people who regret the outcome of the Civil War etc. We don’t have to follow Homophobic Daughters of the Confederate Republic of Caucasia or whatever to know this.

Same goes for environmental stuff.

The thing to do on TikTok (as in all of life) is follow topics that we ourselves love and are passionate about, and/or want to see more of in the world. I follow a lot of decolonization, anti-racism, Degrowth, ecosystems restoration, as well as my personal enjoyments such as reading, sewing and beading, DIY upcycle, earth-based spirituality.

My TikTok Tip for ecosocial activists: Type any of the following, or similar, into the search field of the app:

decolonize, decolonization

Also, follow these creators:

Portia Noir
Desiree B Stephens
White Woman Whisperer

… and as many other Black, intersectional activist women as possible. My TikTok feed is a constant wealth of learning & activism.

Hang out there and listen! So much learning, and you’ll get lots of talking-points for addressing the fellow white people, homophobic/anti-trans people in your circles.