Electrifying news at my house

Cool beans! The Seaside She-Shed (AKA my studio/”urban offgrid cabin”) now officially has electricity! It’s plenty to power all the essentials: phone, laptop, LED light … and of course a tiny blender (smile).

It’s great when a garage doesn’t have to be taken up by a car, and can be used for all sorts of fun and creativity. I could totally live in this garage.

The off-grid rig is a small foldable solar panel, paired with a battery unit that has multiple plugs including USB and 110v. It’s the Sidekick mini solar generator from 4Patriots. Yes, a significant investment at $500, but I had been considering it for quite some time and it’ll help with hurricane preparedness too.

The Sidekick is very convenient, weighing only 8 pounds and about the size of a small toaster.

They do have a couple of larger models, and an expansion kit as well. The big rig can even power a fridge and freezer.