“Young people just don’t care about the environment”

“Young people just don’t care about the environment.” I see various versions of this come across my feed every day.

But actually: I’m 60 and have actually been surprised at how extremely consumerist many of my fellow Boomers are. Not even trying to refuse single-use plastic or Styrofoam, accepting plastic bags at the store because it’s too “inconvenient” to remember to bring reusable bags or just do without, etc. I mean, my generation grew up knowing life without having these things all around us, totally rammed down our throats, so I would think we would be more resistant to them, but no.

Same thing with living in HOAs with aggressively anti-eco and antisocial rules; settling for homes in car-dependent environments instead of insisting on places where we can live without a car.

And flying in airplanes all over the planet even though we’ve already traveled all over the place in our youth.

I tend to think younger people are more conscious than we are on the whole. But I’m always glad to hear from my fellow Boomers who care as well. And I know there are many of you, because I talk with you every day. Thank you for caring and helping.