And on the impulse to flee a state that feels increasingly unsafe

I second the sentiments of a dear friend/fellow activist who wrote:

This is a conversation that’s happening frequently in my circles. So many people leaving. I find myself repeating “everyone can’t leave.” “Everyone can’t run.” “Somebody’s got to stay behind and save Florida.” Not just for Florida, but for the nation.

I just said “everyone” can’t leave, and by that I mean if they do we lose the fight because there are no fighters. I do know there are circumstances which make it impossible and dangerous for so many to live in Florida now and I do know that it’s a personal choice. I would never impose my personal choices on anyone. Nor can I my own children who are having that same conversation. I respect the gravity of the decision that must be made. Just making an observation really. Hopeful that we don’t lose our best fighters.

And to this I added:

Exactly! Because the whole country is affected. Where Florida goes the rest will eventually follow, so those of us who feel able & willing do so need to stay here and stop the creeping fascism. There is no “away.”