Connection between racism and environmentalism

From Sierra Club: Two excellent articles. Read and save for reference!

1) Summing up the connection between white supremacy culture and the destruction of our biosphere. “Racism Is Killing the Planet — The ideology of white supremacy leads the way toward disposable people and a disposable natural world,” by Hop Hopkins (who is Director of Organizational Transformation for the Sierra Club).

“You can’t have climate change without sacrifice zones, and you can’t have sacrifice zones without disposable people, and you can’t have disposable people without racism.
We’re in this global environmental mess because we have declared parts of our planet to be disposable. …”

2) And also by Hopkins: “Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Diversity in the Environmental Movement.”

“… Is the Sierra Club trying to expand our base to include more BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) to validate the work we’re already doing? Or is the Sierra Club attempting to transform our culture and share power in such a way that BIPOC folks would want to join our organization?”

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