Saxophone Tommy Is Back

1) Saxophone Tommy is back! He had been gone so long, between this, that, and the other. Now he is back, and his sax is back as well — musician & instrument reunited!! I heard him all the way down the block, stopped what I was doing and ran up to the A1A to investigate and sure enough it was him. That unmistakable sound. Ran back to my house to get some thank-you $ to put in his case. When I went back to give him the money and say hi glad you’re back, he was beating himself up and saying how terrible he sounded. I know what that’s like to be an artist and beat oneself up because of not meeting one’s internal standards, what one has done in the past etc. I tried to tell him I understand but your playing is still the best sound anyone might get a chance to hear today.

Because, unlike in some other cities where I have lived, musicians out on the street — beautiful live notes just floating free through the air, winding their way down the streets touching people’s hearts — are next to extinct here. Tommy gave me permission to take this picture and let everyone know he is back. Support and show some love if you see him. He used to play gigs on Main Street and some other places sometimes and maybe that will start happening again.

Though unhoused, Tommy has lived in this neighborhood for years, his notes have been the light of the neighborhood, and we do our best to keep up with him, and we miss him when he is gone.

2) Business card of another local musician. John and his wife are good neighbors who live a few houses down from me. He has a band The Wildcard Band and they play in various places locally. Upcoming gigs include Port Hole and Down the Hatch. He gave me the good news they will probably be playing on Main Street again sometime soon too.

General note: Artists give so much. Society loves to be entertained, but we don’t always reflect that in a tangible way by materially supporting those who provide that beauty/entertainment. We don’t always take time to acknowledge how much it costs, not just in money but in sheer willpower and human energy, to keep on plugging away making art. Every artist who doesn’t give up deserves our deep gratitude and respect for making the world a better place against so many odds.

Many of you in my Facebook community are musicians, visual artists, and other kinds of art-makers yourselves, and this post is a tribute to you too.

Special note for the Permaculture in Action: Transformative Adventures! group: Supporting creative and occupational freedom for all is one of my main reasons for being in this group. One of my main reasons for living, actually!!

Of course, said creative and occupational freedom needs to include everyone getting their basic needs met for healthcare, stable housing, etc. Permaculture design principles and ethics can be used to help design and retrofit sustainable human settlements for all.

solidarity; support local musicians; support creative occupations; expand sustainable housing options; dismantle the carceral system; permaculture ethic “care of people and all other living things”