Mother’s Day

This blog is largely devoted to calling out structural ills in our society with a purpose of fixing them. Even though there is a solution-oriented intent, I am all well aware that a blog like this can be, come across very cranky and scolding.

And I don’t plan on changing that focus although I am always trying to refine my tone and manner.

By the way I’m testing out talk to type on WordPress and it seems to have habits of deleting whole paragraphs right after I’ve spoken them. Ha ha one has already vanished.

yeah cant do this anymore – i better compose offline in the text app bc the same Paragraph that I have spoken and re-spoken has no vanished three times

So as I was saying, one sweet trend I see in society in the past couple years or maybe more is the trend of wishing people Happy Mother’s Day more widely. In other words even strangers in the street. Happy Mother’s Day if you are a mother etc.

Little things like this may seem insignificant, but an emerging practice or cultural habit of small passing kind words to strangers may make the difference in our crazy times. Like a glue or threads repairing the social fabric, though on a micro scale.

Also, that aside, mothers are just awesome and deserve respect. It’s really good hearing this.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere. And to our Mother Earth.