Beyond Growth conference coming up

Degrowth conference coming up; live streaming will be available. The following info is copy-pasted from a post by Chris Andrews in the Degrowth – join the revolution group:

In a few days the Beyond Growth Conference is happening in Brussels.

This three days major event is a cross-party initiative of 20 members of the European Parliament, which will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels.

This overview of the conference is my synthesis of the description on the conference website:

“The conference is a gathering of high-level speakers from multiple backgrounds aiming to discuss and co-create policies for sustainable prosperity in Europe, creating a path towards a European sustainable economy. The conference intends to put into practice a post-growth future-fit EU, which includes social well-being, and viable economic development that respects of planetary boundaries.”

The conference may well prove to be a feel-good talk-fest along the lines of the “Conference of the Parties” (COP) conferences that have been going on for decades with little effect. However, to me, just the fact that this conference is happening is amazing, because growth is being questioned by the mainstream, specifically the European Union.

The conference comprises seven major presentations (plenaries) and twenty focus-group session. Topics that caught my attention include:

· Limits to Growth: where do we stand and where do we go from here?

· Which prosperous future? Confronting narratives of growth

· Changing the goal: from GDP growth to social prosperity

· Addressing the limits of resource consumption: towards a resilient economy

· Building an energy sector compatible with ecological limits

· A financial system fit for a postgrowth economy

· What does a credible EU-wide, social and economic framework to achieve a just transition look like?

There are over 150 presenters at the conference; names that caught my attention include:

· Jason Hickel, economic anthropologist

· Tim Jackson, ecological economist

· Giorgos Kallis, ecological economist

· Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

· Kate Raworth, ecological economist

· Vandana Shiva, Physicist

· Joseph E. Stiglitz, economist.

All of the plenary sessions will be available live on YouTube and on the conference website. All the focus panel sessions will be livestreamed on the conference website. There’s a link to the YouTube channel in the comments below.

As far as I can tell you must be registered to watch the streamed presentations on the conference website, but I’m not certain about that. I’ll put a link for registration, which is free, in the comments.

The first session starts on 15 May at 9.00am Central European Time (CET), which makes it a convenient 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time (AEST). The sessions will run until 6.30pm CET, which is 2.30 am AEST, which is not so convenient. Fortunately, the conference website says that all of the sessions will be recorded and available to replay, but I have no details on that.

This could be very interesting to anyone who is interested in degrowth, or even survival!

Here is the link:

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