Xenophobia is the Real Menace

Someone in the Degrowth group made a post basically asking how would the EU and USA be able to defend themselves against an attack by China or Russia “in a Degrowth world.”

Someone pointed out that this was a really bizarre post, because why would we assume we need to defend ourselves from Russia or China?

And I chimed in.

Right? It’s starting to sound like the old “Yellow Peril” and “Red Menace” type propaganda that the USA started in the 1950s or whenever. Xenophobia is actually one of the hallmarks of creeping Fascism, and we know that creeping fascism is happening worldwide.

The USA is in the grip of creeping Fascism. Possibly worse here than any other country right now. Fear breeds authoritarianism breeds stupidity breeds more fear; lather-rinse-repeat.

As for China, they have an ancient, resilient, beautiful culture that survived “Cultural Revolution” and many other catastrophes. And will prevail and survive long after they stop feeling like they have to manufacture and recycle cheap junk for American consumers.

Some people might think I’m anti-USA. Not at all. I just want us to straighten up and do the right thing and stop demonizing other countries and people when we should be looking in the mirror first.

Other cultures have everything in the world to teach us. I actually believe that USA culture is the most primitive, uncivilized culture in the world. And we had best start humbling ourselves and learning from the wisdom and mistakes of ancient cultures.