Response to meanness in groups

(Posted this comment in the Non-consumerist group in response to some mean-spirited comments on a post, but this could apply to any anti-consumerist/footprint-lowering-type counterculture group. Feel free to copy-paste and adapt according to your needs.)

This is a group where we have the opportunity to support each other in alternatives to the brutal consumerist “default settings” of the mainstream world.

There’s a lot of harshness and meanness in the world. We at least don’t have to bring it into this group.

Thank you to the OP and everyone else who has shared what they did to navigate the world in a way that eased their financial burden and allowed them to be more themselves.

Every drop of water makes up the ocean. Every person taking and sharing a different path helps de-normalize the extreme consumerism of our society, and reduce our dependence on centralized distant entities that don’t care about our wellbeing.