How to minimize encounters with unkindness and meanness

I have noticed that for me, the best way to minimize encountering unkindness and meanness in the world is to work really hard to avoid being unkind and mean myself.

I’m not always successful but it’s a goal worth constantly striving for.

Yes, there’s a lot of unkindness and meanness out there, and maybe no way to avoid it 100%. I did notice that I was causing a really high percentage of the meanness I was seeing, though. Your mileage may vary! Not everyone is as cranky and mean as I am sometimes.

A lot of times if I’m willing to face it in myself before it “escapes” into the wild, I’m a lot less likely to see it out in the world. (This is an old principle of consciousness; nothing new.)

Also, some little imaginary devices I have found helpful:

• virtual roll of duct-tape (for my mouth; apply for example before meetings where there are issues I’m super fired up about but have said enough and really need to let other people talk)

• 7-second delay filter (breathe deep for 5-7 seconds before responding to something)