“I keep seeing all of these jobs for pastry chefs and sous chefs (rank is just below executive chef) asking for formal education or years of experience equivalent to for $20,000 to $25,000 a year. Seriously?! And people wonder why there is a labor shortage in the restaurant industry. No one can live on that wage anymore. And you always work more than 40 hours a week in these positions. Now you know the why when you walk into a place to eat and there isn’t enough staff to take care of you. Who can afford to work for that kind of money? For the higher wages they want a bachelors degree. I am sorry, but I chose my people by having them come in and cook for me. I wanted to see their knife skills, their speed, their confidence, and their ability to make food on a line under pressure. A piece of paper never told me how good a cook was.”

(From a wise woman I know, who has deep experience in all aspects of food preparation from cooking/baking to running a business.)

I say we need to #quietquit unreasonable expectations!!! And support self-employed cooks and bakers!

Furthermore, I think this is just more evidence that we need to dismantle the #educationindustrialcomplex. This kind of thing is elitist and in fact I would not want to spend my money at a business if I find out they have such policies.

If we can’t push back on this now, at a time when working people have more leverage than they (we) have had in a long time (thanks to entitled consumers continuing to expect goods and services available on the spot 24-7), when can we? Now’s the time!

Let’s all support each other’s micro businesses and regenerative livelihoods!

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