Listy listy

Starting a list of lists that are super helpful to me in an ongoing way. Frameworks for understanding & addressing problems in the world; designing my life; supporting beauty and compassion and truth; making the change I want to see more of.

Work in progress; office-ing on the fly; will add links as time permits.

• Let’s stop doing this:

15 characteristics of white supremacy culture – Tema Okun

14 early signs of creeping fascism

• Let’s build beautiful, caring community:

12 principles & 3 ethics of permaculture design – Bill Mollison

Principles & ethics of permaculture design – David Holmgren

9 leverage points – places to intervene for making change in systems – Donella Meadows

8 forms of capital

4 R’s of Deep Adaptation

(Need to check & see if there is a list of principles of Degrowth/ steady-state economy)