Grapefruit peel appeal!

Fresh homemade candied grapefruit peel NOM NOM NOM!!!!

As a bonus, the first two boilings (where you boil the pieces in plain water & then discard the water) don’t have to be discarded! I used it as a tea. A quite bitter tea but it suits my body’s needs at this moment.

I found these two websites helpful:

• Candied grapefruit peel recipe, plus six other great uses of grapefruit peel:

(I have often used citrus peel to make multipurpose household cleaner, but I take a simpler approach than the website describes; just soak the pieces in white vinegar for a few days & voilà. But, sometime I might try their recipe, which includes borax.)

• Fresh organic grapefruit peel tea and its many benefits:

“Aids Lungs and clears nasal passages, removing toxins. Reduces heat and cold and phlegm. Moves the chi. Also helps Large Intestines and Stomach. Liver and Heart.”