Ugh. Pharmacy supporting policies that limit women’s bodily autonomy is the only pharmacy in (relatively easy) walking distance. Oh well! Guess I’ll be doing without. I can work around it; there never were many things I needed from there.

Essential Items & where I get them:

Vitamin Supplements: I mostly have been getting them at my local organic produce shop, Natural Concepts Revisited LLC. I don’t care if they cost more there; I’ll do without other stuff to make up the difference if needed.

Packaged snacks: I have cut way back, and also am working on more DIY, or else buy from my local mom & pop minimart who do their best to fill the basic-needs gaps for our non-car-owning or otherwise mobility-limited residents.

Batteries, lighter, etc: Rarely need, but when I do, buy from minimart.

Prescriptions: thankfully i dont have any but when i needed some (for example eyedrops for my cararact surgery last year), I used CVS which is not far away, just over the bridge and on the east side of Ridgewood

Cleaners, detergents etc — I mostly make my own from a mix of ingredients readily available for free or cheap from various sources. Essential oils, baking soda, detergent left in “empty” detergent bottles in the recycling bins at curbside etc. I have been buying my baking soda from my neighborhood minimart for a long time so I don’t need the drugstore for that.

Wine: I used to treat myself to an occasional bottle of sale-priced yummy red wine from there, but I have cut back on drinking, and anyway the neighborhood minimart or bar/pubs are fine for that category of my consumerism.

Anything else, I don’t really need or can get from the slightly-further-away drugstore chain.

Update Thurs 3/9:

Perfect timing — Check out Anti-Racism Daily’s article today, which includes action steps!!


” • Take the time today to support one abortion clinic, doula network, or abortion fund in a state with reproductive healthcare restrictions.

” • Take direct action to ensure that people in your community can continue to access reproductive healthcare despite repressive laws.”

(See the article for the full story & links to the actions.)