Community Bananagrams Experiment

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I started the Community Bananagrams experiment this morning as part of my ongoing project to spark joy, add to the store of peace & trust in the world, and build community via my little corner of “porous property” at the northeast corner of Harvey & Oleander. And of course to indulge my fellow Bananagrams fans. <wink>

Interestingly, the game on the table solves a problem i was not trying to solve at that moment, which is … “drive-by dumping”: people in cars using my corner as some kind of charity dump spot for their huge boxes of unwanted clothes & books! And even sometimes food! <deer-in-headlights emoticon>

Theft has not been an issue & neither has vandalism. Just a bit of litter here and there once in a while (other than the boxes of “bulk charity” which i then have to figure out how to dispose of without a car — usually i just hoist the heavy boxes into my wagon and lug them to the church down the street, or dump them on the empty lot next door for people to pick thru before trash day, at which time i load the remaining junk into my elderly neighbor’s trash can while I am putting out his trash at the curb).

Note about book donations: They go INSIDE THE LIBRARY. ON THE SHELVES. No exceptions. And please do not cram them. If it’s too many to fit, then distribute them around to the other Little Free Libraries — we have many around town. Or take them to your church or thrift store. Or, check out Little Free Library for tips & resources on how to start your own library.

Note about clothing & food “donations”: Please. This is a private residence. Please take your unwanted stuff to the appropriate organization. You have a car; use it.

I don’t mean to sound ungracious, but I’m simply not equipped to serve as a free KonMari for anyone’s 50 pounds of Fortran manuals and pulp romances, or rusted hurricane-ration cans of lima beans that no longer spark joy. Plus, that corner table is for socializing! Anyone local who might happen to stumble upon this post and be in the position of needing to unload a bunch of stuff, please text me and I’ll be happy to give you a list of bulk donation outlets so you can save yourself the time and gasoline of an unproductive trip. BTW it is possible that the highest use for a box of Fortran manuals (other than an IT museum if you know of one) might just be compost. The carbon in the paper balances out the nitrogen from all those fruit and veg scraps, coffee grounds, shrimp shells and other “greens.”

Finally, please ENJOY my little corner in the spirit in which it is intended! It’s about It’s about sitting in the shade; connecting with each other; building trust, joy, community …
… and a Bananagrams group <wink; banana icon; yellow heart>!
BTW we have board games, cards, & other games available for the community’s enjoyment too!

Update!! I had planned to check on the game throughout the day, but w various things I was mostly out of the neighborhood for almost 12 hours. Came home tonight to find that someone had added a word!!!

To see the Bananagrams game and my “porous corner,” check out my slideshow on tiktok or my post in BNW News.