Joyful noise vs. dreary noise

If we hate the super loud but joyful noise of bikers, racing, festivals, music, our neighbor’s parties … but don’t hate the day-in, day-out, deafening industrial noise from leafblowers, edgers, chemical sprayers, and other heavy mechanized equipment invading our neighborhoods to impose HOA-type “McLandscaping”;

If we hate the traffic from Bike Week and other festivals a few weeks a year, but don’t hate the endless traffic to the big-box consumer tabernacle stores, 365 days a year, generated by the demands of our car-dependent, resource-hogging American lifestyle …

Hmm … Think about that!! Could it be that we hate hearing other people have fun when the daily default lifestyle is such a dreary soul-suck? And if so, could it be that we need to remove the unnecessary drudge and busywork from everyday life, so we can add more joy?

PS. This post probably is mostly addressed to people who are homeowners, retirees, or both. A lot of the people who are renters/workers in tourist areas appreciate events for the income they provide. Not just abstract, civic-booster rahrah, “tourists bring money to our county” income … but actual, immediate household income, as in, “This Bike Week gig will help me catch up on bills, and maybe even afford a special treat from the Steak Tips vendor.”

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