Information vs. application

There’s more free information out there than ever. And there’s always more information we could gather before starting this or that project.

At some point, however, the best thing is to just start. Start composting; start collecting rainwater. (I chose these two things to mention because they are two of the most beneficial things we can do for the planet — AND for our households, and for our communities — and yet I constantly hear from people who have been meaning for years to start doing these things.)

After a point, information just becomes a barrier; the discouraging tool of perfectionism. The way to learn and get better is START.

In permaculture, we observe and interact. That’s one of the core principles of permaculture design: observe and interact. And respond to the feedback from our environment (physical and social) and adjust accordingly, and so on.

If you start small, the stakes are low and the cost of failure is minimal to zero. Typucally if we start small, the knowledge gained exceeds any cost of failure. (And actually there aren’t really any failures.)

I’ve given more talks and workshops, and written more posts, about composting than I can count. Same with rainwater collection.

My approach is to simplify; de-mystify. But if you don’t trust that approach, there’s plenty of free info out there that takes the hard, complicated approach.

Finally though, regardless of how you choose to approach it, the thing is to just start. You will learn quickly. Nature teaches us.

Oh, and it’s even better, the learning & yields are multiplied, if you get other people involved in the effort. But if you’re working by yourself, don’t let that stop you!