Rainwater harvesting milestone in Cali

#RainwaterHarvestingSuccess story:

Calif. storms help ease drought
Rainfall feeds systems set up to capture rainwater
(Suman Naishadham and Brian Melley; ASSOCIATED PRESS)

“LOS ANGELES – As Californians tally the damage from recent storms, some are taking stock of the rainwater captured by cisterns, catches, wells and underground basins – many built in recent years to provide relief to a state locked in decades of drought.

“The banked rainwater is a rare bright spot from downpours that killed at least 20 people, crumbled hillsides and damaged thousands of homes.

“Los Angeles County, which has 88 cities and 10 million people, collected enough water from the storms to supply roughly 800,000 people for a year, said Mark Pestrella, director of the Los Angeles County Public Works department. …” (this is a short excerpt; visit link to read whole article)