Local plant-foraging: Example of post for neighborhood group

(FB post I made this morn in BNW News. Feel free to adapt this to your own neighborhood group, congregation etc.)

Foraging for delicious nutritious wild native plants that grow on the beachside & throughout our bioregion. The things we call “weeds” have names and offer many benefits in addition to maintenance-free, unique bioregional beauty.

Lunch today will include fresh tasty greens! Too many of the veggies I’m seeing from the store, including sometimes even the organic local veggies, are yucky and slimy from being stored in plastic.

NOTE! Photo is for visual enjoyment only; do not try to ID plants from a photo. NEVER eat wild plants unless you know what you are doing. Also: To protect other species who depend on native plants, and to protect ecosystem health, never take a whole plant or even part of a plant unless you know what you are doing. And never take the first plant you see, because it might be the only one of that species in the area.

Daytona Beach Permaculture Guild offers foraging walks in the Main Street area of Daytona Beachside, & in our city’s core historic neighborhoods on the mainland. Comment below or PM me if you are interested.