Natural amplifier

I’m sitting enjoying a book after dinner and suddenly realize I am hearing a marching band. Sounds like it’s coming from the next block! In fact, it’s coming from a couple miles west of here, on the other side of the bridge. The Intracoastal Waterway amplifies sounds. My guess is that I’m hearing a practice session of the Bethune-Cookman University marching band. But it could be a high school or other school band. What a treat!

Almost daily, I am treated to the amplified whistles of passing freight-trains, courtesy of that riverine sound-magnifier that lies between our barrier island and the train tracks. I especially love hearing the richly melodic train whistle, the clacking of the wheels and chuffing of the engine, the metallic sigh of the tracks, late late at night when all else is quiet.

And when there’s a race at the Speedway we can sometimes hear the cars vrooming even though the Speedway is 5 miles from here.

A banquet of human sounds intensified by nature!

Treats such as the sounds carried to our doorstep by the “Intracoastal Amplifier” are everywhere, every day, all around us, for free. I try to always take time to appreciate them.

What sort of rare or quirky treats are brought to you by your natural surroundings?