2023 Wish List (Cranky Version)

Starting a list … What else would you add?

• Leaders of all countries stop jetsetting around the world doing telethons for the military-industrial complex

• Landscapers who don’t actually care about trees and plants quit the landscaping profession and find their calling as barbers or something

• Environmentalists stop rhapsodizing about electric cars already, and start advocating for 15-minute cities and public transportation

• No more international climate conferences take place in person; do it by Zoom

• Come to think of it, let’s do that for all international government meetings, at least the ones that involve crossing oceans

• Supermarkets, restaurants, and other retailers, and industry, stop shoving single-use plastic down our throats

• We totally dismantle white supremacy culture and decolonize the world.

— Come to think of it, that last one would pretty much take care of all the preceding ones, wouldn’t it — and a lot more besides! #Decolonize #DismantleWSC

And with that realization I am suddenly not feeling so cranky at all anymore! Let’s get on it in 2023! Happy New Year and much love to you all.