Back-Of-The-Year greetings

Happy Back-of-the-Year to you. That’s how I think of this time of year. The cool dark relatively quiet pocket of days from the day after Christmas through New Year’s eve afternoon. Things usually aren’t very demanding work-wise; I work but it doesn’t feel urgent. I engage in pleasant year-end tasks around the house and I just really enjoy the general lack of obligations. Even though I get very busy in a manner of speaking, it doesn’t feel frantic-busy; it feels more like “resting and incubating” busy. In lunar terms, it feels luxuriously dark-moonish still, even though we are well into the waxing crescent phase. Whether or not you enjoy a dark fallow time as much as I do, I hope you are doing well. Please call me if you need anything. And if my intuition tells me to call you, I will. Otherwise, I will see you in the new year! Much love to you all.

P.S. Now if only the mow & blow bro’s would catch a bit of the quiet dark back-of-the-year spirit! No, they continue relentlessly with their chopping and shaving and “cleaning” of the great outdoors. Maybe one day we, collectively, will come to realize that letting living things rest (including letting ourselves rest!) is a part of their growth, and is far more urgent than whipping them into our idea of “neat.”

P.P.S. The end-of-year period is always a favorite time of mine. But something that makes it extra-special this year is that the last few weeks leading up til Christmas Eve were extra busy in a very good way!! Very very fruitful in terms of growth & learning. In addition to completing the classroom portion of my training for a new occupational category, Certified End-of-Life Doula (International Doulagivers Institute), I also did some continuing ed. for my decluttering & organizing services which I have been offering since 2004. My official printed certificate arrived today. The Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer course from Ultimate Academy is by far the best professional-organizer training I have ever taken!! Both of these services — organizing and end-of-life support — as well as my writing, speaking, teaching, landscaping, and art/craft offerings, fall under my overall occupational umbrella which I refer to as “sustainability educator, self-employed.” A green umbrella, so to speak!