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Hey all! I get a lot of repeat questions about composting.* This blog post from back in 2020 was one way I have attempted to pre-answer people’s questions to avoid reinventing the wheel etc. Compost Basics

I always assume that everyone who is interested in this stuff has seen my posts, but it is becoming apparent that my posts do not always reach everyone who is seeking the info.

*(The same goes for other topics related to sustainability — natural building, solar cooking, the whole electric car thing, etc. Chances are, if you have a question about an eco topic, I have made a post about it. So I strongly encourage you to check out my blog. And yes it includes a search field!! Please share my blog with anyone who you think might be interested! You will be saving me a lot of question-answering labor, as well as helping good-hearted, green-minded people get the answers they need.
And you’ll be helping your neighborhood, community, city, county etc. too: The more that we share FAQ-type info about eco topics, the closer we get to having the critical mass of support for public municipal composting, public transportation, and so on in each city or region.
NOTE: I don’t make any money by you visiting this blog. (Not that there is anything wrong with bloggers making money from their blogs, mind you!) I make money through consulting, teaching, landscaping, housecleaning/decluttering, odd-jobs, sales of my books and artworks etc. My blog is a free resource. Additionally, I actively set out to make my blog a booster-channel for small businesses, grassroots organizations, other writers/educators, etc.)

To be clear: I love that you guys care about this stuff and ask questions! I just could use a bit of help so I can maximize the effectiveness of my efforts, and avoid unnecessary repeating of efforts.

Further Exploration:

• “Climate change on pace to radically alter life on Earth“: Timely article that ran today in my local paper. Good basic intro article to share with the people you know who ask questions about climate change. What are the causes, what are the effects of climate change that we are experiencing, is cold weather evidence that climate change isn’t real, etc.