Night and Winter

… Are times that nature rests. We should take a page from that book, and let ourselves rest and let nature rest also.

Night: Turn off lights indoors and out to the greatest extent possible; unplug as many electric things as possible. Sleep. Rest. If awake, you might enjoy sitting by a candle and watching the shadows on the wall and just not thinking about much of anything — I know I very much enjoy that on occasion!

Winter: Just go out into the woods or field or backyard or courtyard and enjoy the quiet, smell the smell of brown twigs and grasses, fallen leaves. (Maybe you’ll get to like the soft brown quiet enough that you can let nature go at her own pace in the green times too.)

This post was prompted by the dismal whine of someone running a leafblower — such a grim, relentless, soulless sound of unnecessary work “that must be done,” for hours on end — even in a place where nature is so gently and suggestively bedding herself down with fallen leaves, brown grass-stalks, cold nights.

Nature is suggesting “Take a break!” I love to hear it. I love to take her suggestion!

PS. This advice works well in hot blistering sunny climates too. It’s just another flavor of Mother Nature cajoling us to please let her rest, and get some rest ourselves!