Post-Nicole: Coastal erosion; nature-based solutions

Starting a list of thoughts; please feel free to message me to add yours!

• Treat our barrier island as a nature park, where visitors and residents are ecological stewards, and agree to support & protect the natural environment we are fortunate to call home.

• Mangroves yes!! Also seagrape, sea oats, saw palmetto, hardy dune wildflowers, & other tough coastal native plants w strong root systems. That will also increase the beauty of our place!

• Personally I would support a moratorium on building east of A1A. Allow existing intact buildings to stand til they crumble but no more new stuff.

• We should also reduce pavement; possibly de-pave some asphalt parking lots etc and have them be sand or crushed shell instead.

(I started this list in response to a good post by a fellow citizen in our county’s grassroots FB group. Here is her post below.)

Further Exploration:

“Coastal Erosion” (YouTube video.) Interesting science segment on possible solutions for coastal erosion: sea walls; bulkheads; revetments; groins; breakwaters; mangrove forests; beach nourishment; retreat.”