Water Stories: The Full Water Cycle; The Watershed Death Spiral

These two videos from Water Stories are under 3 minutes each. Nice animation, easy to understand the concepts; very-well-invested minutes of your time and attention.

1) The Full Water Cycle: “Most of us have been taught an over simplified story of the water cycle. The full water cycle is much more complicated and interconnected than what we learned in school. Here, we tell the whole story.”

2) The Watershed Death Spiral: “Human activity has disturbed the Full Water Cycle, resulting in the increasingly common and severe Flood, Drought, and Fire we are experiencing; as well as rising global temperatures and extreme climate. This is how we got hereā€¦”

Suggestion: Forward the text of this post, or even just the video links, to your city commissioners, public-works department, and anyone else who works on the frontlines of water issues in your community and region. Also post in your eco groups on social media. We need to get this awareness out there!

A huge Thank You to Water Stories for making the job of us ecosocial activist/educators a lot easier with their videos and webinars and other content.

Speaking of which, Water Stories has a “Permaculture Water Summit” coming up today and tomorrow, and there may still be spaces open. The summit is online and it’s free to attend.

Sorry for the last-minute notice! Good news though: Water Stories has a major course coming up in January. It’s called the “Water Stories Core Course” and is for people who are or who seek to become water-restoration practitioners, land stewards, and water advocates. Visit the link to sign up for the waitlist.

And here’s the front page of the Water Stories website, where you can sign up for their email newsletter and get more timely updates of their doings.