Response to “Live The Off-the-Grid Dream” FB ad/post

Who the heck needs 30k a month and 160 acres?? This is a hyper-individualistic, colonizer mentality. The whole “off-the-grid dream” is a colonizer mentality.

Added later to my comment on the post: I apologize for any confusion or hurt feelings caused by my comment. Where I’m coming from is as a permaculture educator and ecosocial activist who is concerned about some trends I’m seeing within the permaculture design movement.

In a nutshell, I’m concerned that we (meaning my fellow white people in the USA who are interested in permaculture and “homesteading”) are unintentionally bringing a consumerist mentality into our permaculture efforts, thus undermining our movement’s own goals of land access for all.

I want everyone to be able to do all the good things they aspire to do. I just don’t want us thinking that every one of us needs a hundred acres or even necessarily 10 acres to do it! We won’t have enough land for everyone to have a fair share if that were the case.

Particularly I have in mind our obligation of ensuring equitable land access for Black people, indigenous people, and other people of color. (And on a deeper, longterm level, supporting the Land Back movement.)

I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or disparage anyone’s dreams with this comment. And anyone wanting to discuss this further is welcome to friend me and PM me. <green heart emoji>