During a rich meal, it’s sometimes prudent and necessary to pause and allow the body to digest the food. That happens with consuming educational content too, at least in my experience.

On this blog I have put out a lot of content over the past several years. You can use the search field to look for topics you’re seeking info and guidance on.

You can also check out the huge volume of content I’ve posted on my other channels: YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook (Deep Green Book by Jenny Nazak).

On this blog, I’m giving you a pause to digest and reflect on the content I’ve already posted. Even more, I strongly encourage you to check out the content creators and other resources I link in my posts.

It’s not lack of information we suffer; it’s lack of application. Sometimes we just need a little nudge; a bit of help getting started.

I’m busy out there learning from other people, and it’s a huge feast of information and evolution. Dare I say REVolution! If you follow my other channels, especially TikTok, Twitter, and my Deep Green book page on Facebook, you can see their content too.

Get in touch anytime! I’m here for you.

P.S. The following blog post and two videos will help you self-resolve most of your major green dilemmas. Most of the questions I get all the time from people (such as the electric-car questions) boil down to what’s covered at the three links below. The videos will take a little over two hours of your time, and reading my post might take you an additional 15 minutes. It’ll be three hours of your time and energy well-spent.

• My blog post “Planet of the Humans?” gives some tips on sorting thru the vast sea of info; honing our critical-thinking skills

• Watch “Planet of the Humans” documentary by Michael Moore :
Nutshell: There is no “clean-energy free lunch” (Entrenched interests posted a rebuttal to his film, but he posted a rebuttal to that; see my post linked above for that link)

• “How To Enjoy the End of the World” (YouTube, 1 hour): Talk by Sid Smith for the Greens of Virginia Tech, 2019. Good explanation of Energy Return On Investment; Jevons Paradox; why renewables are not the savior. And how we face the existential challenge; move into new ways of being. Very deep, powerful talk.

PPS. And, as always, you can call, text, or email me to schedule a one-on-one session. I continue to offer these “DEEP GREEN Tech Support” sessions as more and more people are seeking guidance and support in sorting through the various issues that make up a green lifestyle path, from deciding where to live, to finding your right livelihood, trusting your own intuition, getting a handle on that mason-jar hoarding habit, talking compassionately & effectively with the people in your circles, and a lot more. Yes, you can still ask the dreaded electric-car question — you might not get the answer you want to hear at first, but the answers I give will grow on you, as they are practical, do-able, and will help you as well as your community. And anything else that’s on your mind.