But Wait, NYT!

The New York Times has some of what I consider the best coverage on climate. (Including their “Climate Forward” e-newsletter as well as their regular daily edition.) (Other major papers I turn to for climate coverage include the Guardian, the New Yorker, the Washington Post.)

But, newspapers have different departments and different constituencies, and not all of them are eco-aware, climate-caring.

Some recent NYT headlines include: “In Hawaii, the Search for Sustainable Tourism” and “Coping with Europe’s Heat Waves.”

Peter Kalmus, a NASA climate scientist who I follow on Twitter (@ClimateHuman), sums it up well in this tweet: “So here’s the thing NYT, there is NO ‘sustainable tourism’ that involves flying on planes, and increasingly as the planet continues to overheat there will be NO coping with heat waves. Please tell the truth.”

As if to underscore his point, another NYT article in the jetsetting travel genre came into my email inbox today: “How to make traveling less of a headache.” In the expected manner of our entitled and individualistic culture, it gives tips and apps for snagging the best airplane seats and so on.

My own article on this topic is much shorter than NYT’s:

“To make traveling less of a headache, do it much less often. So it’s a special treat worth all the annoyances. If in doubt, stay home!”