Neighborhood public-service announcement about the cooling effects of vegetation

(Feel free to use any of this in your own efforts; adapt as needed.)

Public Service Announcement for my beachside neighbors!

Many people have expressed concern about extreme heat, and we are right to be concerned, as the lack of rain especially here on beachside has made this an abnormally hot summer. Besides rain, the best mechanism for mitigating extreme heat is vegetation!!

You can do your bit to ease urban heat extremes by … slacking off and being lazy! By which I mean easing-up on mowing, trimming, and other cutting-back of vegetation. Let things be soft and a bit shaggy!

As a bonus, this helps reduce noise and fumes on our beautiful beachside. Good for tourists and residents alike!

(What better thing to do at the beach than be a bit lazy, right? I actually think that’s why a lot of people move here: to have a slow gentle lifestyle and enjoy the water!)

(Go here to read this post in my neighborhood Facebook group. It’s accompanied by an illustration of how much cooler the temperature is on thick grass and meadows than on close-mowed grass.)