Save Spruce Creek; Don’t Build Pioneer Interchange

I appreciate our County Chairman Jeff Brower’s soeaking out against the addition of an unnecessary interchange on I-95.

Sounds like time for both Taylor Rd and Dunlawton Ave to get some more frequent bus service, as well as bicycle paths and sidewalks if they do not already have them. This will help take the pressure off the roads, for all those who need or want to drive motor vehicles. Maybe a cute little trolley, or retro-trolley-looking bus, would be well received, since the neighborhoods in that area are sort of posh.

Our transportation system here is overly car-dependent, mired in a 1950s mindset. We need to bring our region into the 21st century by alleviating our car-dependent planning which causes grotesque destruction of land, animals, plants, and our own quality of life.

Thank you Ted Noftall for Volusia County Council, District 3!!! And all other candidates and officials who oppose this interchange.

From Ted Noftall posting on Facebook:

“The land surrounding the proposed Pioneer Trail interchange has been mired in political intrigue since development rights were granted to the Stanaki Partnership in 1996.

“The introduction of Mori Hosseini into the mix in 2004 increased the intrigue greatly to where we are today with required federal environmental studies sidestepped in an effort to keep the proposed interchange on track.

“This interchange if constructed will spur development in one of the most environmentally sensitive areas of Volusia county.

“It will not provide any lasting traffic relief as the development it spurs will exceed its capacity in short order as has happened with every interchange from Ormond Beach to Edgewater.

“This interchange, its $100 million taxpayer price tag, and the over development it will spur is odious to the people in the immediate area and throughout Volusia county and it must be stopped.

“I do not know if it can be stopped but i do know the only candidates committed to doing so are the Volusia Values candidates; of myself for County Council District 3, Ken Smith for District 4. David Sosa for District 5, and Doug Pettit for At-Large.”