Response to motorist mansplainers on my feeds

“Be really careful” “It’s easy for a car [driver] to miss seeing you” “Glad at least you wear a helmet” — I know that most of you people saying these things probably mean well but please don’t talk down to me or other cyclists or pedestrians. I have not lived to be 60 years old by having my head up my a**.

I am working thru various channels (civic activism etc.) to make the roads safer for ALL users including cyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchair users. If you genuinely care about people’s safety, rather than tell cyclists and pedestrians to “be careful,” I urge you and all other car drivers to focus on being careful yourselves. We cyclists and pedestrians ARE careful, because we know we are often inches from death.

You can kill someone with that large tanklike vessel. Especially an SUV!! (And yes, I have owned cars at different phases of my life, and was always very aware that I was operating potentially deadly machinery.)

Motorists! BE CAREFUL DRIVING. Oh, and any motorist who is having trouble seeing cyclists and pedestrians, please 1) check the speed limit — you might need to slow down; and 2) get your eyes examined regularly; eye health is important and it’s something we should all be doing regardless.

P.S. Yes, mansplainers can be female too. Check into internalized patriarchy; explains a lot!