Don’t Worry About the Government

Try not to get despondent about the Supreme Court ruling. if it’s any consolation, the EPA is really pretty weak compared with people and their wallets. Working for cultural shift will bring the most return on our labor.

We, the masses of everyday people, still have the best tool available to regulate emissions of power plants: Our wallets. We can shrink our power consumption to the barest possible minimum. Yes, lots of us are doing it. Also, we can stop investing in energy corporations; take our money off Wall Street. Again it takes effort but lots of us are doing it. And it’s something the Supreme Court can’t stop!

Now, in an inflationary time, is just the right moment for us to help each other minimize our dependence on stuff that keeps our financial overhead needlessly high. Excessive use of electricity, unnecessary driving, eco-unfriendly landscaping practices, etc.