Antiracism resources update

It’s been awhile since I posted my favorite recommendations for antiracism learning. And the list has grown!

Tiktok: There are three antiracism content creators I have been following particularly closely on TikTok, and I highly recommend following them:

— portia.noir
— white_woman_whisperer
— desireebstephens

Important note!! To all my fellow white people, when you start to follow Portia, we are asked to refrain from commenting for 30 days (longer is OK too). Just listen & learn. Please respect this boundary Portia has set on her page. And also I’m finding it’s a good idea in general for me as a white person: If in doubt, default to just listen & learn. Their content is simply wonderful and I am so appreciating the opportunity to grow on my antiracism journey.

Not on TikTok? No problem, each of these creators has other platforms such as blog, YouTube, Patreon, podcasts. That said, I promise that their TikTok content alone is well worth joining TikTok for!!

Just one example:,White Woman Whisperer gave an incredible Live this morning, offering suggestions for how white women can be more effective at dismantling the white-supremacy system. Which we need to do and are in a unique position to do. BTW if you didn’t get the memo, the white-supremacy system is hurting us all*! (Even white men, though most of them don’t yet know it.) (*The fact that the white-supremacy system hurts Black people, indigenous people, and other people of color should be motive enough on its own to dismantle it of course! Just to be clear.)

Blogs/websites: Anti-Racism Daily (Nicole Cardoza)

Facebook: Ally Henny (just type her name in the Facebook search field; I don’t see a way to share a link); also check out her blog her Patreon her podcast

Email newsletter: Anti-Racism Daily (subscribe via the website listed above)

Book: Hood Feminism, by Mikki Kendall (and she is on TikTok as well @karnythia and check her website

Seek out all these incredible women, appreciate and put into practice the incredibly valuable education they provide, boost their content, and send them money!

Note, there are SO MANY great antiracism educators and resources out there! This is not attempting to be a comprehensive list; it’s not even my whole list — it’s just my highly recommended short list.

Learning what we’ve been doing wrong and how we can correct our ways is exhilarating! I love getting to the truth even if it means facing up to a lot of foolish, insensitive, and damaging behaviors I’ve done. And I know lots of you feel the same way, my fellow people of whiteness.